Since 1992, RD Corporation has been designing and manufacturing laser cutting systems. Our innovative and cost effective designs are based on patented technology and offer superior productivity rates at lower capital investment for automated cutting in the automotive, apparel, plastics, wood, aerospace, metal fabrication, and many other industries. RD Corpís multi-purpose systems can cut any material including wood, plastics, filtration media, fabric, composite material, paper, composite material, rubber etc. Our industrial laser cutters are equally suited for "just-in-time" production or high volume manufacturing. Modular units can be suited to current needs and easily upgraded to satisfy future requirements for increased production. Our personnel have been designing and building laser cutting system for over 23 years.

For example, laser cutting has clearly demonstrated it's positive impact on the bottom line.  One of RD Corp's clients is Edmonton's What-On-Earth, a manufacturer of rooftop inflatables and commercial bags, who uses the conveyorized laser cutter. Jim Neilson, President of What-On-Earth, says "the laser cutting technology has enabled us to revolutionize cutting procedures which have vastly improved efficiency and quality."  Another customer is Light Tools Inc. which uses the flat-bed laser cutter for manufacturing soft egg-crate lighting systems for the photographic and movie industries.


RD Corporation is committed to the production of the highest quality, most affordable laser cutting system. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is backed by our extensive capability to fulfill customer requirements and provide a cost-effective solution to their needs.


RD Corporation, R. Dworkowski, R Stoncel - "Gantry-style apparatus for positioning a working member with respect to plurality of x and y coordinate positions" - USA Patent number 5,402,691 issued April 4, 1995.

Canadian Space Agency assigned to RD Corporation - R. Dworkowski, P. Wojcik "Distance Tracking Control System" - USA Patent Number US 6,563,130 B2 issued on May 13, 2003


In February 2004 RD Corporation has entered into license agreement with Wichary Technology of Poland. Under the license Wichary Technologies manufactures and sells RD Corporation laser cutting systems to European market.

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